Building Enhancement Grants

Building Enhancement Grants are designed to improve the viability of businesses and stimulate economic vitality within the DDA. Grants provide funding to owners or tenants of new businesses moving into the DDA; existing businesses expanding within the DDA; or businesses making significant enhancements within the DDA.

Project priorities

The application process is competitive, and only those projects demonstrating a strong improvement of property and potential to grow the tax base of the DDA will be selected for funding. The strongest applications will demonstrate a high ratio of private to public dollars, as well as improving a property in a manner that will grow the tax base of the DDA. Competitive applicants must demonstrate how the project meets the goals of the Imagine Downtown plan.

Application eligibility

  • Applicants must be owners or tenants doing business within the boundary of the DDA.
  • Tenants must apply jointly with property owners.
  • Properties must demonstrate as current on all city, county and state property and income taxes.
  • Projects must have a usable life of at least 10 years.
  • Project work must be launched within six months of the date the grant is awarded and completed within one year.
  • Projects with a higher ratio of private to public investment will be given preference.
  • Grants will not be awarded for work completed prior to the grant application date.
  • All work must comply with applicable laws, ordinances, building codes and zoning ordinances.
  • Applicants must have a track record of successful operations within the DDA district, or, for new businesses, an articulated business plan.
  • Grantees must agree to provide a final report upon project completion.

To apply

Click here to download the complete application.

Signature Event Grants

ProCycleThe Colorado Springs Downtown Development Authority considers funding for a select number of Signature Events annually that meet the DDA’s goals of stimulating economic development and engaging more people in downtown. Funding decisions are made by the 11-member board of the DDA, and the application process is coordinated through the staff of Downtown Partnership, which serves as the contracted affiliate of DDA.

The board weighs three factors in determining funding:

  • Does the event meet most or all of the Ideal Signature Event Qualities (stated below)?
  • Does the event demonstrate professional management and a high level of confidence in the ability to implement?
  • Does the event add to a diverse mix of overall Signature Events and other downtown events to include but not limited to music, sports, visual arts, family fun, culture, outdoors?

Ideal Signature Event qualities

  • Events should attract a significant number of patrons downtown.
  • Events should be formatted in a manner to ensure access to retail and restaurants. An ideal event will be structured in a manner and have an articulated plan to encourage patron interaction with downtown retail and restaurants.
  • Events should have a robust marketing plan that reaches broadly locally, regionally, and, at times, nationally.
  • Events should be distinctive, unique and of a high professional quality.
  • Events should utilize downtown as their sole or primary location.
  • Events should promote an image of downtown that is diverse, fun, safe, high-quality and engaging.
  • Events should hold the potential to grow annually in attendance, publicity and quality.
  • Events should demonstrate broad community support and diversified revenue streams.

To apply

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Special Project Grants

Special project grants are funds provided for initiatives that address the goals of Imagine Downtown but do not readily fall into the primary categories of Building Enhancements, Signature Events or major developments for consideration of Tax Increment Financing. These projects most likely could include feasibility studies or other studies and reports; public safety initiatives; or other efforts to enhance the economic vitality of downtown.

To apply

Click here to download the complete application.