Art on the Streets

24th Annual art on the streets Exhibition 

The 24th annual Art on the Streets exhibition includes 12 new works of art: six sculptures and six murals. The works were selected from a total of nearly 100 proposals from artists worldwide by a jury of fine art curators and practitioners:

  • Dr. Joy Armstrong, Program Director, Inside Out Youth Services, and former curator of modern and contemporary art, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College
  • Michael Chavez, Public art program manager for the City & County of Denver
  • Julie Maguire, Director of the Brett Weston Archive and curator of Green Box Arts Festival in Green Mountain Falls, CO

2022–2023 Art on the Streets exhibition

The following works are on display in Downtown Colorado Springs through May 2023.

Mountain Horse sculpture

Mountain Horse

by Francis Fox of Boise, ID

Medium: Bronze

Price to purchase: $25,000

Location: NW corner of Tejon and Boulder

The American West with its naked landscape and vast spaces inspires Francis Fox’s work. Fox captures digital scans of both geologic features and persistent human artifacts, then uses traditional processes such as modeling, carving, and casting to create his sculptures. Physical objects have a special impact in the expansive spaces of the American West. Their presence is a testimony to life and resilience. Life forms tend to reach for the sky, and humans build monuments that represent a perennial dance with the forces of nature.


Mountain bench sculpture set in front of tree

DETH LIGHGHT XXlX: Carmen & The Trees

(Carmen component) by Joshua Ware of Denver, CO

Mixed media

Price to purchase: $7,500

Location: 125 E Boulder St (exterior pavement)

Joshua Ware describes his work as biomorphitecture: a neologism naming the confluence of constructivist sculpture and living forms. Biomorphitecture engages architecture and structure through geometric, hard-edge forms. It attends to living forms by focusing on objects of a human scale; relying on handcrafted construction methods that do not engage digital or mass fabrication techniques; and encouraging direct interaction between the object and living organisms. Ware aims to harness the tensions between entities that we often consider contradictory. This piece functions as a usable bench, exploring the relationship between the object and human form.

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we are one mural on brick building

we are one

by Mono Sourcil of Montreal, Canada

Latex paint and acrylic spray paint 

Price to purchase: $8,000 

Location: West exterior wall of 19 E Bijou (Saks Building) 

Mono Sourcil (Maxilie Martel) is inspired by the diversity of populations around her urban environment and their tendency to gather. Whether by choice or necessity, the phenomena of migration and exodus is repeated throughout history, leading to the emergence of cosmopolitan cities. Thus, heterogeneous societies tend to coexist, on the same territory. This observation gives rise to Martel’s caricatural forms representing a society where the coexistence of sometimes human beings, sometimes fantastical, refers to a dense, diversified and multicultural vision specific to large cities.  

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Brightly colored geometric mural


by Kim Carlino of Easthampton, MA

Exterior acrylic latex and spray paint

Price to purchase: $4,000

Location: East exterior wall of 101 N. Cascade Ave.

An interdisciplinary artist, Kim Carlino uses abstraction as a structure to explore and attempt to resolve compositional tension caused through juxtaposition of such disparate elements as fluid and structure, nature and manmade, chaos and order, masculine and feminine and time and void. She brings a collagist’s sensibility to her work, exploiting relationships and edges between forms by building up flattened planes of optical and linear patterning with constantly evolving color relationships as a way to illuminate themes of the interconnectedness of nature, harmony and a sense of play.

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From u to You mural

From U to You

Hootnannie of Los Angeles, CA

Acrylic paint

Price to purchase: $8,800

Location: North exterior wall of 32 N Tejon St

The bold and colorful works of Annie Hong, aka Hootnannie (they/she), have been featured throughout the United States and South Korea. With painting as their primary medium, their insatiable curiosity towards all that is visual and beautiful has led them to venture into the worlds of murals, body painting, digital art, installations, and wearable art. Hong’s works can be recognized by their use of vibrant and colorful patterns and whimsical play with words. Their work is greatly inspired by their experience navigating the world as a queer, gender nonconforming, first-generation Asian American artist, aiming to challenge the narrative of the current contemporary art dialogue by pushing for the visual voices of the underrepresented.

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Big Horn Sheep and golden sun mural on building

Bighorn Sheep/Mountain Sun

by Brenda Biondo of Manitou Springs, CO

Digital photography on vinyl 

Price to purchase: $8,000 

Location: West exterior wall of 127 E Kiowa St (Downtown Transit Terminal) 

Brenda Biondo uses photography in unconventional ways to foster deeper connections between people and nature. In her public artworks, photographic composites reference traditional stained-glass windows to elevate the perceived status of animals and nature. The composite images feature wildlife, plants and other elements of a particular area to create a unique sense of place. Corresponding poster versions raise money for local nonprofits. This mural celebrates the wildlife and landscapes of the Pikes Peak region.  

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Waterfall mural on tall vertical of building

Seek Higher Ground

by Michael Krondl of Brooklyn, NY

Digital photography on vinyl

Price to purchase: $10,000

Location: North exterior wall of 127 E Kiowa St (Downtown Transit Terminal)

Michael Krondl’s work is highly site-specific, deriving from photographs he takes in nature (in this case, from the Colorado Springs area). His monumental installations challenge viewers’ perspectives of their surroundings. His works have been exhibited in galleries and through public art commissions in New York, Colorado, Canada, Germany and the Czech Republic. An additional work by Krondl is installed as part of this year’s Green Box Arts Festival in Green Mountain Falls, CO, and will be on display there through Labor Day.

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Jade, AOTS 2022


by Juls Mendoza of Denver, CO

Latex paint and acrylic spray paint

Price to purchase: $11,000

Location: West exterior wall of 327 E Pikes Peak Ave

Julio Mendoza, aka Juls, is a multidisciplinary artist who celebrates his heritage through art. His style, “Surrealismo Cultural,” or “Cultural Surrealism,” focuses on cultural identity, community, and social justice. Born in El Paso, Texas, and raised in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Juls says of his heritage: “I am who I am in most part because of my Mexican and Latino heritage. Therefore, incorporating my heritage into my art is meaningful to me, and I feel it’s meaningful to those who can relate to that sentiment as well.” For Juls, the greatest gift is to get inspired by one’s own traditions, food, people and colors, and he feels blessed to be able to put all these into an art piece and inspire others.

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metal knot sculpture fixed on UCCS downtown building


by Su Kaiden Cho of Colorado Springs, CO

Aluminum (thermoplastic) duct 

Price to purchase: $42,000 

Location: North exterior wall of 102 S Tejon St (UCCS Downtown) 

Mimicking a pet tunnel, Betwixt channels through un-comfortability and buried memories that individuals grapple with in the present—navigating through the loss of oneself. It is humorous and somewhat playful, yet there is also a sinister sense in that you can enter the tunnel but not escape. The twists and turns in the tunnel create a barrier between each end. Like the game of telephone, information is lost and left out. We want to navigate/tunnel through buried memories but not necessarily relive them, although they could be the route to direct us to find that lost identity.  

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Metal sculpture hangs from archway of downtown building

Mariachi Galaxy 

by Jeff Glode Wise of Durango, CO

Welded steel (powder coated), reflectors, faceted glass sphere

Price to purchase: $45,000

Location: Exterior archway at 121 S Tejon St (Plaza of the Rockies)

Two independently balanced forms dancing together through space, Mariachi Galaxy has a constantly shifting form as it turns about, casting undulating shadows while the orange reflectors twinkle in the light. Its form is aquatic and mystical. Wise searches for the nexus between balance and tipping off, both metaphorically and literally, as this is a place of heightened energy and emotion. He focuses keen attention to the outlines of his sculpture, the elegance and power of edges that transform as one moves around the work and the undulating shadows it throws on the ground and surroundings.

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Twisted white metal sculpture sits in green grassy median

Continuous Line VI (levity)

by Kelly Goff of Norton, MA

Steel pipe, oil-based enamel

Price to purchase: $18,000

Location: Median on S Nevada between Costilla and Cimarron (near Loyal Coffee)

Kelly Goff expresses an interest in edges, spaces between things, points of tension, distances, lines, throughlines, and the displacement of resources. Growing up next to an oil refinery on a Caribbean island still colors much of his sense of the world and exploration of it as an artist. Remote landscapes under threat of human industry are especially potent, so time spent in places such as the Ecuadorian Amazon, the Alaskan wilderness, and the Himalayan nation of Bhutan have been meaningful in his work. Goff’s work for general audiences is more broadly accessible, lighthearted, and formal in nature. Line is a major player in the work: lines like those that connect places, yet also the lines that connect us to each other.

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Metal sculpture sits on sidewalk in front of greenery

Moiré Sculpture #12

by Collin Parson of Lakewood, CO

Cast iron. Price to purchase: $4,500

Location: SE corner of Tejon and Boulder (333 N. Tejon St.)

Collin Parson’s work involves the control of light and color to create vivid geometric light and space works. Currently serving as curator and director of galleries for the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, in Arvada, CO, his work has been exhibited throughout the Rocky Mountain West. Parson frequently serves as juror for festivals and exhibitions and has received many awards and recognitions for his curatorial projects.

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Murals Mimosas

Guided walking tours

Take a stroll through Downtown’s State-Certified Creative District and learn about works in the current Art on the Streets exhibit.

See select works from this year’s exhibit and get firsthand insight into the artists who created them. Tours last an hour and require pre-registration.

Air or Water Moon

$1,000 People’s Choice Award

The 2021 People’s Choice Award went to Byeongdoo Moon for “Air or Water”, previously located in the archway at Plaza of the Rockies, now located at The Philanthropy Collective (315 E Pikes Peak Ave.) 

Voting is now open for the 2022-2023 Art on the Streets Exhibition. 

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Thank you to our sponsors

Art on the Streets is a program of Downtown Ventures and is supported by founding sponsor U.S. Bank along with H. Chase Stone Trust, Norwood Development Group, Nunn Construction, Mountain Metropolitan Transit, Colorado Creative Industries, Phil Long EV Outlet and nearly 100 business and individual donors. Downtown Ventures is also grateful for in-kind support from TECC Painting, Rocky Top Resources, PikeRide and the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services department of the City of Colorado Springs.


Art on the Streets is supported entirely by grants, donations, sponsorships and contracts for service. Contributions to the program are tax deductible;  make a contribution today or contact us to learn more.

Submission Policy

Art on the Streets accepts proposals via from mid-November through mid-February.

Each year, 12 works are selected by an independent jury panel.  The primary criterion for selection is artistic merit. Secondary criteria include installation logistics, maintenance and safety concerns, and inclusion of a diverse range of media and perspectives. All works will be evaluated for stability by a structural engineer contracted by Downtown Ventures. While sculpture tends to dominate the entry pool, other types of art suitable for outdoor display are encouraged, including murals as well as interactive and multimedia works. Art on the Streets also has the ability to work with artists on larger and/or site-specific installations.

Encore Art on the Streets exhibit

The following works from the 2020-2021 exhibit have been purchased or are making an encore this year.

Acacia Abstract web

Acacia Park Abstract

Jolt of Denver, CO

Aerosol mural. Originally part of the 2020-2021 Art on the Streets exhibit. Price to purchase: $10,000.

Location: Northeast corner of Bijou St. and Nevada Ave.

The Crowd_web2

The Crowd 

Mono Sourcil of Montréal, Canada

Latex and aerosol mural. Originally part of the 2020-2021 Art on the Streets exhibit.

Location: 22 N. Sierra Madre St.

Lupita by sharoninavolvodrinkingcoffee


Elizabeth Selby of Colorado Springs, CO

Acrylic mural on vinyl. Encore from the 2020-2021 Art on the Streets exhibit. Price to purchase: $3,000.

Location: North exterior wall of 117 E. Boulder St.

Sol by Claire


Foster Romano of Colorado Springs, CO

Vinyl mural. Encore from the 2020-2021 Art on the Streets exhibit. Price to purchase: $4,000. 

Location: Alley behind the 500 block of S. Tejon St.

Take Back _website

Take Back the Power

Gregg Deal of Peyton, CO

Aerosol mural. Encore from the 2020-2021 Art on the Streets exhibit.

Location: Northeast corner of 3 N. Tejon St.

Art on the Streets photography by Mike Pach, 3 PEAKS PHOTOGRAPHY.