Downtown Western Gateways Public Art Project

Artists are invited to propose permanent placemaking treatments that repurpose existing infrastructure (underpasses, retaining walls, bridge stanchions) as surfaces for visual art. Preference will be given to proposals that go beyond traditional mural treatments (e.g. multimedia and interactive features).

  • To submit a proposal for the Western Gateway Art Project, please visit our portal at NOTE: DEADLINE IS APRIL 12, 2019.
  • For maps or additional photos, please email MICHELLE@DOWNTOWNCS.COM, or call 719-886-0088.


This project, led by Colorado Springs Community Ventures (dba Downtown Ventures), is part of a larger initiative of the Downtown Development Authority to create a sense of place and arrival experiences at key entryways to the core of Downtown Colorado Springs.

Note: photos may not display well on mobile devices; please contact Michelle (above) for additional info.