The Bad Bassets of #Downtown_CS: Beatrix & Pepper Valentine

Beatrix and Pepper Valentine are a bit “known” around town. They have a following on social media, make annual appearances in the St. Pat’s Parade, and are frequently spotted at their favorite patios. Here’s a Q&A with the #badbassets

We know it’s not polite to ask a lady her age, but how old are you?

Beatrix (B): I just turned 10 years old on May 1. I’m sorry you missed my birthday, and I really don’t mind belated birthday kisses.

Pepper (P): I’m almost 30 and I still sleep with my parents (that’s 6 in dog years). I am not embarrassed about it.

How long have you been coming Downtown?

B: I’ve been coming Downtown my whole life and I’m very cultured. Momma used to take me to all the craft and art events before Pepper came along and ruined it because two dogs are harder to handle than one very good dog.

P: I like to come Downtown for treats but I get anxious in crowds.

B: Since I am more experienced and well mannered, I still get to walk around Downtown and go to stores.

What are your favorite places?

B: I like all of the places where people pet me and recognize my beauty, but one of my favorite patios is Wild Goose Meeting House. Momma likes the coffee, and Dad will usually give me a nibble from the Triple Brat Plate (I like that a lot). Loyal Coffee is another favorite place to go. After coffee, we like to visit shops on Tejon, Terra Verde, and Ladyfingers Letterpress. Lots of places have water out for us.

How long have you been participating in the St. Pat’s Parade?

B: This was the third year we walked with High Country Basset Hound Rescue in the parade, and it’s been an honor to steal the show every year.  Our friends Beasley and Rosco come with us, and last year we made the Sunday paper!

What other things do you enjoy doing Downtown?

B: We like to walk along Cascade Avenue and feel our ears blow in the breeze.  During the summer months, there are lots of patios for Dad to enjoy a beer while people come along and pet us.

P: I like treats.

B:  We also love to walk around and look at art installations. Colorado Springs has a charming  Downtown life for a bon vivant like me.

How did you get the #badbassets reputation?

B: I stole mango sticky rice from my mom’s friend, and I’m not even embarrassed about it. I live life with no regrets. I will also steal your latte if left unattended.

P: We might be best known for being #badbassets but we are also #helpinghounds. I love helping dogs find their forever homes through Barkabull, a 100 percent volunteer-based foster organization.

Any suggestions for dogs visiting Downtown?

B: Pro tip – look for patios so that you can enjoy a bite with your person. We like Bambino’s Pizzeria for those times we’re on the move or Bonny and Read’s if we need a more relaxing moment. Either way, you’re sure to get some food scraps, and love pats by passersby who can’t resist your doggo charm.

Editor’s note: Well behaved dogs are welcome in many Downtown shops, on patios, and at Brass Brewing and Fieldhouse Brewing. The Antlers and Mining Exchange hotels are pet-friendly.

Top: Pepper (left) and Beatrix (right) pose in front of their portrait painted by local artist Jess Preble. Photos courtesy of @badbassetsandblackcats.

Thanks for your time getting to know us. We are very fabulous bassets and we love our town. Follow us on Instagram! @badbassetsandblackcats