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The 2020-2021 exhibit

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Art on the Streets celebrates the power of art in public places, while turning the streets of Downtown Colorado Springs into a yearlong outdoor sculpture gallery. More than 300 artworks have been exhibited Downtown since AOTS began in 1998, and the district is home to more than 50 permanent works, over 30 of which have been purchased through AOTS.

The 22nd annual exhibit includes 13 new works of art: seven sculptures and five murals. The works were selected from a total of 129 proposals from artists worldwide.


Now through May 5, cast your vote for which Art on the Streets artist should receive our $1,000 People’s Choice Award. Prize goes to one artist from the 2020-2021 exhibit (see below) whose work receives the greatest number of votes from individual members of the public.


  1. Before May 5, 2021, email with the name of the artist and title of the work you feel should win $1,000
  2. Briefly explain why you like it
  3. Provide your full name and ZIP code for vote authentication


Did you know? Art on the Streets is funded through donations, not tax dollars. 
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self-guided tours

Use the free Otocast mobile app to to hear commentary from the artists themselves! Download the free GPS-based app Otocast via ITUNES or GOOGLE PLAY and tour the Art on the Streets exhibit, as well as works that are part of the city’s permanent collection of public art. Otocast is sponsored by Colorado Springs Airport.

Or, DOWNLOAD A MAP of locations for this year’s exhibit.

Explore Art on the Streets by PikeRide e-bike! The Ride Spot app provides turn by turn directions both with audio and visual cues. Within the route, there are custom cues that tell you when to look right/left or to dismount your bike to view each specific art piece.

How to use Ride Spot:

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WOrks in the 22nd annual exhibit:

The Whirlwind Juniper

The Whirlwind Juniper

Tom Benedict of Three Forks, MT

Juniper wood. Price to purchase: $24,000.

Location: SE corner of Tejon & Platte (Acacia Park)

Artist Statement: The Whirlwind Juniper is a sculpture made from what remained of a long-dead ancient twisted juniper tree. In life, this tree likely lived for well over 500 years before eventually falling to the same elements of nature which caused it to twist and contour. Working with this as my medium, I have carved away the exterior of weathered wood exposing the tree’s core. Sculpting with the grain of the wood, I exaggerate and deepen the natural features of the piece, ending by using a torch to increase visual contrast.




Foster Romano of Colorado Springs, CO

Vinyl mural. Price to purchase: $4,000.

Location: West exterior (alley) wall of Trolley Building (524 S. Tejon St.)

Artist statement: SOL is the companion piece to LOONA (see below).  I am inspired by the graffiti work I have seen in different cities. I created my own calligraphy alphabet as a reflection of how my neurodiversity impacts the way I see written language differently than a neurotypical brain. SOL/LOONA explores this complex issue by giving the viewer a taste of my experience: they will recognize these murals have a message, but they will not be able to decipher what they say.




LOONA by Foster Romano of Colorado Springs, CO

Vinyl mural. Price to purchase: $4,000.

Location: NE corner of Tejon & Moreno (west and south exterior walls of CycleGear)

Companion piece to SOL (see above).


Acacia Park Abstract

Acacia Park Abstract

Jolt of Guerilla Garden Studios of Denver, CO

Aerosol mural. Price to purchase: $10,000.

Location: Southwest corner of Downtown YMCA (207 N. Nevada Ave.)

Artist statement: Being a Denver native, I have spent a lot of time in the Springs enjoying the natural landscape by hiking and doing photography. I also have been a part of the Springs’ car culture and hip-hop culture. I’ve learned a lot about the people and distinct culture of this city and have taken much inspiration from that. I love the idea that Springs is looking to support more public art in the city, and I see this mural as a chance for me to give back to the city and showcase my work in a manner that is influenced directly by the culture, landscape, and people of the Springs.


Nutrition Sculpture

Nutrition Sculpture

Will Vannerson of Kansas City, MO

Galvanized steel. Price to purchase: $12,000.

Location: Triangle median at Sierra Madre & Kiowa

Artist statement: I create tubular, biomorphic compositions whose formal underpinnings include roots, rhizomes, bones, entrails, and Gothic architecture. Nutrition Sculpture shows the strength of our internal workings, and, like us, it is the gathering of a single, continuous tube. The exaggerated physicality of my work is intended to draw the viewer in and cause them to take notice of the fascinating physical world they inhabit. I want the forms to resonate within the viewer’s own bodily awareness, encouraging reflection and curiosity.




Matthew Carlson of Greensboro, NC

Steel. Price to purchase: $8,000

Location: Median on Pikes Peak between Tejon & Nevada

Artist statement: Raising a son with autism, I have experienced how the physical and philosophical structures of our society interfere with the lives of marginalized groups: the poor, the disabled, the elderly. Meanwhile, most of our society does not even recognize that these structures are there. With this sculpture I created a piece that embodies the hostility that these marginalized members of our society experience every day. The sculpture is inviting but also feels dangerous, as though it could hurt you at any moment. Using steel, the material that is literally the foundation of society’s physical structure, I’ve built a metaphor for the manmade structures that make the world so difficult to navigate.




Jade Windell of Loveland, CO

Limestone. Price to purchase: $26,000.

Location: SE corner of Cascade & Platte (in flowerbed)

Artist statement: Sentry is inspired by totems and gargoyles, functioning as a guardian of a home or dwelling. By placing it in a prosaic urban landscape, Sentry gives the impression of having risen from the earth like an otherworldly messenger.


Sunrise/Sunset (Sawblade)

Sunrise/Sunset (Sawblade)

Matthew Duffy of Washington, D.C.

Stainless steel, enamel. Price to purchase: $18,000.

Location: South end of median on Cascade at intersection with Kiowa

Artist statement: In my sculpture practice I often combine site-specific visual cues with universally understood objects or symbols and their related ideas, concepts, and meanings. The recognizable form of a sun is abstracted to resemble a sawblade, reminding us of the incredible industrial capacity of solar energy. Note how the positioning of this sculpture points out the changing nature of the sun in the sky, moving from the peachy yellow of the sun as it rises in the east to the deep red of the sun as it sets in the west.




Elizabeth Selby of Colorado Springs, CO

Acrylic mural on vinyl. Price to purchase: $3,000.

Location: North exterior wall of 117 E. Boulder St.

Artist statement: I create paintings that celebrate beauty while embracing awkwardness, combining unnatural and strange views of the human form with a heavy dose of mystery. This mural is a true-to-life portrait of my friend, local artist Lupita Carrasco, but I have left the background abstract and minimalistic, so that her face appears to be floating. This creates a tension that expresses how we separate identity from environment, true conviction from tradition, and beauty from perception. The expression on Lupita’s face is one of self-acceptance; the calm and peace that comes with knowing one’s true value. This mural not only serves to represent her, but the fierce and quiet strength of women that I am inspired by every day.


Take Back the Power

Take Back the Power

Gregg Deal of Peyton, CO

Aerosol mural. Price to purchase: TBD

Location: northeast corner of 3 N. Tejon (former Carlie’s building)

Artist statement: Much of my work deals with Indigenous issues, protest and representation, occupying space in ways that are simultaneously beautiful, unexpected and difficult. My desire with this project was to create something that is undeniably Indigenous, but something that can belong to the city of Colorado Springs as well. This mural raises questions about the inherent invisibility of Indigenous people, specifically referencing the abnormally high rate at which Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit individuals go missing or are murdered. This is an issue in El Paso County and around the nation. With this portrait of my oldest daughter, I hope to move the viewer and open up dialogue within the local community.


The Crowd

The Crowd

Mono Sourcil of Montréal, Canada

Latex and aerosol mural. Price to purchase: $7,000

Location: 22 N. Sierra Madre (across from the Pikes Peak Community College Creative Commons)

Artist statement: My work uses an accumulation of characters, in a cartoon style, to represent the multiculturalism specific to cosmopolitan cities. Being a muralist from a metropolis, my daily experience is defined by dense, diversified crowds at gatherings like cultural events and festivals. In my designs, I use the coexistence of human beings and fantastical creatures to celebrate the positive things we associate with crowded places, such as cultural hybridization, progress and social inclusion.




Billy Joe Miller of Sandia Park, NM

Painted black metal on cables. Price to purchase: $11,000 .

Location: East side of Tejon between Pikes Peak & Colorado (alley between Carlton and Hibbard buildings)

Artist statement: Floating between two buildings, Vitrail is a unique hanging installation reminiscent of a stained-glass window, creating a constant lens to frame the changing sky, day and night. Curved shadows cascade down and across the buildings and street below. This surreal architectural intervention is a surprise to the viewer, appearing like a drawing suspended in the sky.




Nikki Pike of Denver, CO

Steel, paint, performance. Price to purchase: $15,000.

Location: South side of Alamo Park

Artist statement: WE consists of a series of live performances and sculpture by Colorado-based cultural laborers, both of which are housed on a pedestal meant to hold a historical monument. On the opening night of the Art on the Streets exhibit, this platform is used as a public stage to acknowledge underrepresented people in the cultural labor force. Following these performances, a sculpture is placed atop the plinth that reads “WE the PRIVILEGED.” The sculpture references Robert Indiana’s widely recognized text-based sculpture LOVE, as well as the Preamble to the United States Constitution. By changing “we the people” to “we the privileged,” the artist asks the viewer to ponder the power dynamics associated with traditional monuments.

Note: Nikki Pike’s WE was commissioned in 2019 by Black Cube Nomadic Art Museum and the Denver Theatre District as part of a wider project Temporary Monuments to Denver. The project was conceived and curated by Black Cube, and co-produced with the Denver Theatre District.


The following works are encore presentations from the 2019-2020 exhibit


Parallel Universe

Parallel Universe

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Alec Aita OF berlin, MD

Mirror-polished stainless steel. Price to purchase: $25,000.

Located on east side of Tejon between Bijou & Kiowa (south exterior wall of Brown’s Shoe, 119 N. Tejon St.)

Parallel Universe explores the manipulation of interactions between the audience and the surrounding environment. Simple geometric forms allow the focus on the reflective surfaces and what they reveal, or hide, rather than the complexity of the object itself. Viewers are forced to move around the objects, trying to interact with the work rather than treating the objects as simple mirrors. The faces of the cubes are made to contrast the dominant reflectivity of the installation, revealing the effect of leaving a preternatural green two-dimensional plane suspended in space, essentially making the physicality of the object completely disappear. Price to purchase: $25,000.


Maxentius in his defeat of various fruit

Maxentius in his defeat of various fruit


Stenciled mural. Price to purchase: $2,000.

Located on west side of Nevada between Cucharras & Vermijo (westernmost exterior wall of former CSHP building, 209 S. Nevada Ave.)

Working primarily in stencils, SCOTCH! has been involved in city art projects in San Antonio and Denver. New to the Pikes Peak Region, SCOTCH! is pleased to share his work displaying a combination of Baroque motifs and patterns made from hand-cut stencils. This mural depicts the Roman emperor Maxentius as seen in a 17th century work by Peter Paul Rubens – except instead of being defeated by Constantine, Maxentius is being defeated by whimsical colorful fruit. Price to purchase: $2,000.


Urban BioSphere Fragmented

Urban BioSphere Fragmented


Latex mural. Price to purchase: $10,000.

Located on east side of Tejon between Kiowa & Pikes Peak (south and east exterior walls of 19 N. Tejon St.)

Carlino, a painter and muralist, works with geometry and abstraction to explore contradicting relationships between natural and constructed forms. Says Carlino: “I abstract the pure essence and fundamental building blocks of nature, reconfigure and rebuild them into new constructed landscapes that are playful, bold and improvisational. I am interested in the human relationship to nature and the possibility it has to anchor us to place.” Price to purchase: $10,000.




Cymon Padilla of Colorado Springs, CO

Vinyl mural. Price to purchase: $3,500.

Located on west side of Tejon between Pikes Peak & Colorado (south exterior wall of The Perk, 14 S. Tejon St.)

The basic concept for this mural comes from a place of light-hearted absurdity – a larger-than-life fuchsia cat overlaid with a pattern of falling bananas. Says Padilla: “My paintings depict humorous and contradictory scenarios. I use traditional oil painting techniques to explore the confluence of art history, pop aesthetics, and digital manipulation in contemporary visual culture.” Price to purchase: $3,500.


Origami Urban Oasis

Origami Urban Oasis


Vinyl mural. Price to purchase: $3,534.

Located on SW corner of Nevada & Kiowa (Transit Center, 127 E. Kiowa St.)

Pak’s works are based on the ancient Asian art of origami folding and – in certain cases – unfolding, involving real and mythical creatures, plants and flowers. With this work, Pak aims to create a contemplative, relaxed, restful atmosphere infused with nature’s quieting presence just like memories from youth of a peaceful lily pond being quietly fed by an underground spring. The idea takes a delightful twist as passersby begin to notice that this pond is inhabited by origami plants and creatures. Price to purchase: $3,534.


Fire in my Sol

Fire in my Sol

Mauricio Ramirez OF Berwyn, IL

Mural. Price to purchase: $10,000.

Located on west side of Cascade between Kiowa & Pikes Peak (south retaining wall of surface parking lot @ Penrose Library, 20 N. Cascade Ave.)

Says Ramirez: “I create artwork that crosses borders and boundaries. … My more personal artwork is a contribution to the community: frequently a cultural icon that transcends rich, intersecting historical and popular culture references that speak to the complex diaspora of the United States. I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of how the visibility of culture can lead to not only the growth of confidence, but also care within our communities.” Price to purchase: $10,000.





Encore from 2018-2019 exhibit

Salvaged steel. Price to purchase: $96,000.

Located on north side of Colorado Avenue between Interstate 25 & Sahwatch (roof of Traffic Management Center, 234 W. Colorado Ave.)

This piece is a realization of various recycled ferrous materials such as galvanized steel light poles, sprinkler piping, mechanical tubing, plate steel and electrical conduit. Her quasi-mermaid lines are both figurative and abstract, recognizable and alien, having suddenly found impetus to take flight from a perch and swoop gracefully from her recent stance. She is frozen in time just before reaching maximum speed on the upswing into thin air.



  • Joy Armstrong, doctoral candidate in educational leadership, research, and policy
  • Virgil Ortiz, avant-garde mixed media artist and Cochiti Pueblo ceramicist
  • Michael Tavel, nationally recognized architect and urban designer

Thank you to our sponsors

Art on the Streets is a program of Downtown Ventures and is supported by founding sponsor U.S. Bank along with H. Chase Stone Trust, Nor’wood Development Group, and nearly 100 business and individual donors. Downtown Ventures is also grateful for in-kind support from the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services department of the City of Colorado Springs.


Art on the Streets is supported entirely by grants, donations, sponsorships and contracts for service. Contributions to the program are tax deductible; learn more and make a contribution today.



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