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Get to know the current exhibit, and learn how you can join the private donors and foundations that support Art on the Streets’ role in Colorado Springs’ quality of life. Looking for the exhibit map? Scroll down to “About the exhibit.”

Limited-Edition Art on the Streets Coffee Table Book

A limited-edition, 64-page art book chronicles the founding and history of the award-winning Art on the Streets program through interviews and photographs from exhibits since the program’s inception. The book is available for purchase ($35) at the Downtown Partnership office, open 9 am to 4 pm Mondays to Fridays, Ste. 703, North Tower, Plaza of the Rockies. Call 719-886-0088 for more information.

Ongoing Opportunities

Self-guided Audio Tours

Hear the stories about Downtown public art from artists and arts advocates themselves by using your smartphone. Download the free GPS-based app Otocast via ITUNES or GOOGLE PLAY. Downtown Ventures has added more than 30 new audio clips for works that are part of the city’s permanent collection of public art. Icons on the Public Art Map indicate works with audio clips, and the app will automatically display the featured works with audio.

Guided Walking Tours

We’ve expanded the summertime opportunities to explore this year’s Art on the Streets exhibit, with both morning/coffee walks and evening/happy hour walks. For a full schedule of times for guided walking tours, go to


The works in the 20th annual Art on the Streets exhibit were drawn from a total of 90 proposals from 72 artists worldwide. Twelve Colorado artists are represented in this year’s exhibit, with an additional five artists from elsewhere in the United States and one international artist, from South Korea. Jurors Joy Armstrong, curator of modern and contemporary art at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College, and Rodney Wood, artist and founder of ArtoCade in Trinidad, Co., used artistic merit as the primary criterion for selection, as well as considering placemaking and social impact.

Artists and photos of their works are listed below.

The exhibit will be on display through May 2019 throughout the Downtown Creative District.

Use the free app Otocast to explore the exhibit with commentary from the artists themselves! To get our Otocast mobile tour, download the app via ITUNES or GOOGLE PLAY. or, DOWNLOAD A MAP.

The $10,000 Juror Award was awarded to Trace O’Connor of Fort Collins for Iscariot. The $2,500 second-place award went to Byeong Doo Moon of Gwangju-si, South Korea for You, Light as a Cloud. The $1,000 third-place award went to Nikki Pike and Thomas Dodds of Denver for Musical Churn, and a $500 Honorable Mention was awarded to Kasia Polkowska and Kyle Cunniff of Alamosa for Chipeta-Mai. The 2017-18 People’s Choice Awards ($1,000) went to Byeong Doo Moon for I have been dreaming to be a tree.

All of the artworks included in the Art on the Streets exhibit are for sale, and purchase inquiries are welcome; contact us at 719-886-0088.




Stained glass, fiberglass, epoxy. Price to purchase $24,000.

Located on NW corner of Tejon & Pikes Peak

Chipeta-Mai is a cross-cultural matryoshka doll. Historically, the first matryoshka doll was made in Russia and has since become a symbol of the Eastern European culture where Polkowska was born. To give her a sense of place, she was named to honor the people whose ancestral land we inhabit, focusing on Colorado where the artist team lives. Chipeta was a famous Ute woman known for diplomacy while Mai (Navajo for ‘bright flower’) was added to the end of her name for the flower she bears on her belly as many traditional matryoshkas do. The warm southwestern colors of the doll further reflect the state where she was realized. This doll is a modern artifact emulating the artists’ interest in the landscape they inhabit as well as the people that roamed that land long before them.

Breathe: Innerstate Now; Infinite Clearance; We Are the Ones; Meander

Breathe: Innerstate Now; Infinite Clearance; We Are the Ones; Meander


DOT specification street sign. Price to purchase $1,800 each.

Located on west side of Tejon between Colorado & Vermijo (pedestrian walkway between Alamo Building & El Paso County Courthouse)

By using the materials and visual language of street signs, but replacing the traditional negative wording (Stop, Do Not Enter, Wrong Way…) with positive affirmations, Froschauer’s “The Word on the Street” series seeks to provide something that is missing from our daily visual diet. The artist likes to imagine that people might walk past a sign and assume that it is just a typical mundane warning until the moment they recognize it as out-of-the-ordinary. That moment might lead the viewer to wonder if other pieces might be “hidden” anywhere in their daily lives. In this way the work aims to change how the viewer interacts with the world at large.

The Peace Signs

The Peace Signs


DOT specification street sign. Price to purchase: $1,800.

Located on west side of Nevada between Kiowa & Pikes Peak (Transit Center)

By using the materials and visual language of street signs, but replacing the traditional negative wording (Stop, Do Not Enter, Wrong Way…) with positive affirmations, Froschauer’s “The Word on the Street” series seeks to provide something that is missing from our daily visual diet. The artist likes to imagine that people might walk past a sign and assume that it is just a typical mundane warning until the moment they recognize it as out-of-the-ordinary. That moment might lead the viewer to wonder if other pieces might be “hidden” anywhere in their daily lives. In this way, the work aims to change how the viewer interacts with the world at large.




Salvaged steel. Price to purchase: $96,000.

Located on north side of Colorado Avenue between Interstate 25 & Sahwatch (roof of Traffic Management Center, 234 W. Colorado Ave.)

This piece is a realization of various recycled ferrous materials such as galvanized steel light poles, sprinkler piping, mechanical tubing, plate steel and electrical conduit. Her quasi-mermaid lines are both figurative and abstract, recognizable and alien, having suddenly found impetus to take flight from a perch and swoop gracefully from her recent stance. She is frozen in time just before reaching maximum speed on the upswing into thin air.

Madame Eroshenko

Madame Eroshenko


MP4 digital projection. Price to purchase: $10,000.

(Seasonal — look for this piece beginning November 2018!)

Located on the inside of the Acacia Park Bandshell (120 E. Bijou St.)

The creation of this animated work was inspired by the physically handicapped butterfly Saito took care of for a short period of time in the summer of 2014. Because of her damaged wings, she couldn’t fly. Saito felt so sorry for her lack of ability that he decided to make an image of a forever-flying butterfly in a dreamy atmosphere. Adding to the personal commemorative aspect, this obtusely simple minimalistic repetition and the slow rhythmic movement of wings may also remind people of deep breathing exercises and their strong calming effect. The exercise can provide an effective entrance to the quietude of brain necessary for reflection, meditation, or actual healing of body and soul.

Musical Churn

Musical Churn


Cast bronze, sonic composition, choreographed LEDs. Price to purchase: $12,500.

Located on south side of Kiowa between Tejon & Nevada (on wall east of entrance to Ted Blum Jewelers, 31 N. Tejon St.)

This work is a cast bronze butter churn transformed into a miniature music hall with synchronized choreographed LED performances. The sculpture, created in collaboration by artist Pike and engineer Dodds, features the Colorado Springs Philharmonic led by music director Josep Caballé-Domenech. The compositions are Pierre Jalbert’s Zones, Wang Jie’s Symphonic Overture, America, the Beautiful, and Anthony DiLorenzo’s For Spacious Skies commissioned on the theme America, the Beautiful in celebration of the Philharmonic’s 90th anniversary season (2016-17).

Rose Dancer

Rose Dancer


Steel, rebar, wire, enamel. Price to purchase $5,400.

Located on NW corner of Tejon & Platte (next to El Paso Club, 30 E. Platte Ave.)

This work is all about emotion and movement, reflecting the spontaneous means through which it was created. The combined effort of Baker and Fenton unfolded over several work sessions in a garage near Downtown Colorado Springs. Beginning as a simple creative collaboration and evolving over hours of bending and welding metal, this piece truly could not have been made independently. A gesture drawing in 3D, it transcends the basic steel rebar and wire from which it is built. Dancing as the viewer moves around it, Rose Dancer evokes a sinuous spine, a trained and delicate balance, a line traced in the air with the motion of a hand, gone now, the moment over.

Say Cheese

Say Cheese


Metal, foam, fiberglass, paint. Price to purchase: $9,000.

Located on SE corner of Tejon & Boulder

With this whimsical sculpture, Deister seeks to remind everyone that they tried this at the dinner table: fingering a noodle onto each fork tine, or maybe trying to fit as many noodles into one’s mouth as possible.




Mild steel. Price to purchase: $10,000.

Located on NW corner of Cascade & Kiowa

This work consists of eight square metal columns arranged in a circle, ranging in height from shortest to tallest. Ocean’s sculptural work utilizes the graphic language of his other artistic discipline, printmaking, translating that language into equally expressive three-dimensional form – in other material and on a greatly larger scale.

The Strength of the Sky

The Strength of the Sky


Found object assemblage. Price to purchase $10,000.

Located on south side of Kiowa between Tejon & Nevada (Transit Gallery)

This work depicts a monolithic rocket ship made from parts from the Golden Age of American manufacturing, representing the strength and longevity of our continent’s First Peoples. Descant’s work does not contain nor depict any guns, bullets, or bombs, as they are for the peaceful exploration of time, space, ideas, and cultures, which this piece directly reflects, what Descant sees as the ascending tendencies of life and purpose for progress of Native Americans in an era of renewed environmental and government repression.

The Dwelling

The Dwelling


Plexiglas, plywood, aluminum and solar light. Price to purchase $10,000.

Located on east side of Tejon between Colorado & Vermijo (Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region, 121 S. Tejon St.)

This installation work is about what home and shelter means to different people from diverse backgrounds and struggles. It consists of a small house with walls of reflective Plexiglas which result in different scenes by day and night. During the day, the Plexiglas acts as a mirror and reflects the surrounding environment. At night, an interior light makes the walls transparent, revealing the inside of the house. What is revealed within is at the heart of the project, a reflection on the city, its spirit and the struggle of its people in making a home.

Within The Dwelling: Gingko Leaves by Su Hyun Kaiden Cho

Artist statement: 

My vision for this installation is a womb-like environment that gives a sense of warm shelter.  I want viewers to feel “it is okay” to be scared and timid; moving from one place to another is not easy.

When I moved to America at age nine, not knowing a single word of English, I was very scared, and I felt as if I was not welcomed here. However, by giving myself a chance and opening up to others, Colorado, America became my new home. I have lived in Colorado for 18 years now, and I continue to struggle with my identity. However, having a place to call home here, I am able to insert myself into the community without fear. I want all people to feel comfortable and welcome wherever they land, and hope that my installation will guide them with confidence and help them to define themselves as who they are, and make them feel “it is safe” and “it is okay.”

Anywhere we go, we all will experience identity crises and the struggle to be included. Whether because of gender, religion, age, race, nationality, or orientation – even natives, who are born and raised here – we all experience the same difficulties. So with this in mind it is very important for communities to become more aware of their inclusiveness. I aspire to educate the community about the importance of including all persons. If diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance.

This theme of “making a new home in a new place” is key to inclusiveness in our community and overall. I would like to encourage new-comers and all the community to enjoy and create art as a positive expression of who they are, where they live, and who they want to become.

Walking a Tight Line

Walking a Tight Line


Hand-forged steel. Price to purchase: $17,500.

Located on north end of median on Nevada at intersection with Pikes Peak (in front of the Mining Exchange, 8 S. Nevada Ave.)

Walking a Tight Line is a hand-forged steel woman resembling a tight rope walker. She represents the dilemma that many of us face daily: how to walk our own line, where that line should be drawn, and what happens if we fall?

You, Light as a Cloud

You, Light as a Cloud


Stainless steel wire. Price to purchase: $70,000.

Located on the west side of Cascade between Boulder & Platte (Boulder Crescent Park)

On the boundaries of dreams and realities, the seen and the unseen interact with and change each other. As different beings come together, metaphorical words are shared and transformation begins: we consider a different perspective; our everyday lives are filled with countless mysteries and curiosities. Depicting two different beings – a cat and a bird – in a moment of unseen interaction, this work would like to suggest to viewers “when the mind changes, the world changes.” Cats, birds, bench, and clouds… all so common in our daily lives… let’s begin to dialogue!

Monument to Childhood

Monument to Childhood

Steven Durow of Salisbury, MD

Cast mirrored glass, steel. Price to purchase $40,000.

Located on east side of Tejon between Colorado & Cucharras (inside south entrance to Plaza of the Rockies, 121 S. Tejon St.)

The happiest moments of Durow’s life were playing on his grandparents’ farm, and one of his favorite things to do was climb the big knobby tires of their tractor, depicted here in 1,000 pounds of cast mirrored glass. That swing was one of the purest memories of his difficult childhood. One day, as Durow looked at the tire swing he’d hung for his own son, it occurred to him how different his son’s experience was from Durow’s childhood. At that moment, this piece crystalized in Durow’s mind: the connecting point between the little boy that he was, the man and father he became, and the values he is trying to instill in own son.





Encore from 2017-2018 exhibit

Locally-harvested wildfire pine, welded steel. Price to purchase: $4,500.

Located on east side of Tejon between Boulder & Platte

Colorado artist Mitchell Dillman calls attention to the thousands of acres of timber across Colorado that have been killed by wildfire or pine beetles – and of the creative potential so often to be found within disaster. Milled locally from pine trees killed in the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest Fires, Dillman’s pure geometric forms celebrate the community’s ability to rise from the ashes, making something beautiful from something wasted “through the thoughtful use of our often overlooked local resources.”

Nothing Greater than/Less than Love

Nothing Greater than/Less than Love

Joshua Kennard of Colorado Springs, co

Encore from 2017-2018 exhibit

Powder-coated steel. Price to purchase: $10,000.

Located on south side of Pikes Peak between Cascade & Tejon

This work continues AOTS’ proud tradition of launching the careers of Colorado artists presenting their first-ever works of public art. It also represents the first time an Art on the Streets work has incorporated a mailbox. “Nothing Greater than/Less than Love explores collective hope,” explains Kennard. “It is a time capsule of dreams that encourages Colorado Springs to live out what it mailed.” Viewers are encouraged to visit the sculpture, which depicts a zero on top of an inequality symbol on top of a heart, pen a quick love note to the people, places or things that make them glad to live in the Springs, and drop it in the bright turquoise mailbox next to the sculpture. At the end of the exhibit, Nothing Greater than Love will morph into a new form. The messages will be compiled into visual art, reflecting the nature of love in Colorado Springs through an exhibit that celebrates what our community cares about most.

Double Bench III (Basics)

Double Bench III (Basics)

Matthias Neumann of Brooklyn, NY

Encore from 2017-2018 exhibit

Lumber. Price to purchase: $6,000.

Located on west side of Corona between Colorado & Cucharras (entrance to Cottonwood Center for the Arts)

Initially conceived as part of an installation for the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, Romania, Neumann’s Basics series explores abstracted notions of form, space and utility using the humble, approachable 2×4. Says the artist, “Double Bench III wants to be experienced both as an abstract sculpture as well as an interactive environment.”  It is up to each viewer to decide how far to push the boundary between sculpture and furniture as they explore this functional work of art.

Thank you to our sponsors

Art on the Streets is a program of Downtown Ventures and is supported by founding sponsor U.S. Bank along with H. Chase Stone Trust, Nor’wood Development Group, Murphy Constructors, Colorado Creative Industries, Boettcher Foundation, and nearly 100 business and individual donors. Downtown Ventures is also grateful for in-kind support from the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services department of the City of Colorado Springs.


Art on the Streets is supported entirely by grants, donations, sponsorships and contracts for service. Contributions to the program are tax deductible; learn more and make a contribution today.