Art on the Streets

Now Accepting Entries: 24th Annual Exhibit

Art on the Streets celebrates the power of art in public places, turning the streets of Downtown Colorado Springs into a yearlong outdoor gallery of sculpture, mural, performance and installation works. More than 300 works have been exhibited Downtown since AOTS began in 1998, and the district is home to more than 50 permanent works, over 40 of which have been purchased through AOTS.

Apply to exhibit your work in Art on the Streets

Apply by Feb. 9, 2022 to be considered for the 24th annual Art on the Streets Exhibit. The 24th annual Art on the Streets exhibit will be juried by Michael Chavez (Denver Arts & Venues), Julie Maguire (Brett Weston Archive/Greenbox Arts Festival), and Senga Nengudi (multimedia artist). Get to know the exhibit jury.

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23rd Annual Exhibit on display through May 2022

The 23rd annual Art on the Streets exhibit includes 12 new works of art: seven sculptures, four murals and one combination mural/performance piece. The works were selected from a total of 168 proposals from artists worldwide by a jury of fine art curators and practitioners:

  • Joy Armstrong, doctoral candidate in educational leadership, research, and policy

  • Dr. Jaimie Henthorn, performance artist and Director of Academic Innovation Programs, University of Colorado, Denver

  • Joshua Thies, a sound artist, curator, radio host and music programmer
Murals Mimosas

Guided walking tours

Take a stroll through Downtown’s State-Certified Creative District and learn about works in the current Art on the Streets exhibit.

See select works from this year’s exhibit and get firsthand insight into the artists who created them. Tours last an hour and require pre-registration.

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People’s Choice Award

Vote for your favorite work of art in the $1,000 People’s Choice Award competition. Your opinion matters to our artists!

The People’s Choice recipient from the 2020-2021 exhibit was SOL by Foster Romano (pictured above).

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Download the free, GPS-based Otocast mobile app to hear commentary from the artists themselves.  Hear about the Art on the Streets exhibit as well as works that are part of the city’s permanent collection of public art. Otocast is sponsored by COLORADO SPRINGS AIRPORT. Download from:

2021-2022 Art on the Streets exhibit

The following works are on display in Downtown Colorado Springs through May 2022. Click for an EXHIBIT MAP

Low Rider by Mel CK

Low Rider

Mel CK of Colorado Springs, CO

Aerosol and latex paint. Price to purchase: $4,600

Location: South exterior wall of Venezia Building (128 N. Nevada Ave.)

Artist statement: Mel CK is from Panama City, Panama, and since coming to the US she has lived in Colorado Springs and Denver. Her work is street surrealism influenced by South American street art. Her piece for Art on the Streets is a reflection of her culture and Chicano culture; a jungle animal with human hands riding a classic car. The toucan is a cultural reference. Most of her time is spent creating new pieces and learning new ideas from other artists.


Twisted Arch Cooper

Twisted Arch

Jodie Roth Cooper of Florissant, CO

Painted steel. Price to purchase: $50,000

Location: Median on Pikes Peak between Wahsatch & Corona (in front of Mash Mechanix, 429 E. Pikes Peak Ave.)

Artist statement: Jodie Roth Cooper pairs his background as a metalsmith with his experience in architectural design, resulting in works that strike a balance between intuitive making and digital design. Rather than tell stories with his sculptures, Jodie’s goal is to create experiences. “I hope each viewer takes ownership of my work by having their own subjective experience with it, rather than insisting that there is a right way to think or feel,” he says. “By experiencing Twisted Arch in this way, the viewer becomes my collaborator, inserting part of themselves into their experience and memory of the sculpture.”

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Sequoia Waltz by Dawson

Sequoia Waltz

Schuyler Dawson of Novato, CA

Redwood bark. Price to purchase: $1,200

Location: Temporarily deinstalled for repair

Artist statement: Using a playful process and discarded materials, Schuyler Dawson creates sculptures that embody childlike curiosity. Originally destined to become mulch, the material for Sequoia Waltz was reclaimed from redwood cut-offs at a lumber mill. “The scale of the redwood tree invokes a sense of wonder that is hard to compete with as an artist,” Schuyler says. “I wanted to shrink this scale down to make the experience intimate… I was thinking about what it would be like if we could experience time from the perspective of the tree, growing, twisting, adjusting, and adapting to the environment.”

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New Horizons Garcia Sr

New Horizons

Anthony Garcia Sr. of Denver, CO

Acrylic, exterior paint, aerosol. Purchased by Downtown Development Authority.

Location: North side of Pikes Peak Ave. at Shooks Run Overpass retaining wall (565 E. Pikes Peak Ave.)

Artist statement: Growing up as part of a community-oriented family in the inner-city neighborhood of Globeville in Denver, Anthony J. Garcia Sr.’s artistic impulses were sparked by dramatic Western skies and the rigid Rocky Mountains. A co-founder of Birdseed Collective, he has spent the past thirteen years providing fine art instruction to inner city youth and creating large murals in the neighborhood where he grew up. His mural for Art on the Streets is a sarape-style blending of colors and designs that represent different cultures. As each color flows into the other, Anthony builds a visual representation of how different cultures can blend together to form a community. This mural is part of The Space(s) Between exhibition, a collaboration of DU Vicki Myhren Gallery and UCCS GOCA.

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The Other Side by Hootnannie

The Other Side

Hootnannie of Gardena, CA

Acrylic paint. Price to purchase: $10,000

Location: East or west exterior wall of Craddock Commercial Real Estate (337 E. Pikes Peak Ave.)

Artist statement: Annie Hong (a.k.a. Hootnannie) is a visual and graphic artist whose bold and colorful work has been featured throughout the United States and South Korea. Vibrant eye-catching patterns and whimsical wordplay instantly capture viewers’ attention, hypnotizing them in a maze of colors. Often challenging contemporary art narratives and voicing underrepresented perspectives, Hootnannie’s work is inspired by their experience navigating the world as a queer, gender-nonconforming, first-generation Asian-American artist. This mural is a colorful and vibrant remembrance, honoring dreams undreamt and tears uncried in lives lost to senseless tragedies.


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Stone 11 by Langholtz

Stone 11

Benjamin Langholz of Altadena, CA

Stone and steel. Price to purchase: $35,000

Location: East side of Boulder Crescent between Boulder and Platte (Boulder Crescent Park, 30 Boulder Crescent)

Artist statement: Benjamin Langholz uses stone and steel to create floating pathways that are intended to be experienced kinetically. Stone 11 presents three overlapping lines of floating stones balanced on slender steel pipes emerging from the ground. As people interact with the sculpture together, the work guides them into a moment of intensified awareness of their own feelings and of those around them.

As you explore Stone 11, please exercise caution. Climb at your own risk. Parental supervision strongly recommended. Downtown Ventures and the City of Colorado Springs assume no liability.

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Air or Water Moon

Air or Water

Byeongdoo Moon of Colorado Springs, CO

Stainless steel wire. Price to purchase: $80,000

Location: East side of Tejon between Colorado and Vermijo (exterior archway at 121 S. Tejon St.)

Artist statement: Like two fish circling one another, the tangible and the intangible dance with each other on the boundaries of our dreams and realities. “We live in this world and dream of another,” says Byeongdoo Moon. “Just as the starting place of a tree is where the seed is planted, all people’s dreams begin on the plane where we currently exist.” As these different states of being come together, metaphorical words are shared and transformation begins.

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Heartmouth by Morrison


Pard Morrison of Colorado Springs, CO

Fired pigment on aluminum. Price to purchase: $28,000

Location: South side of Kiowa between Tejon and Nevada (Transit Center, 127 E. Kiowa St.)

Artist statement: As a working artist and lifelong resident of Colorado Springs, Pard Morrison feels great civic pride in seeing his hometown develop an outstanding collection of public art. It’s a special thrill to showcase this freestanding sculpture, Heartmouth, as part of Art on the Streets. Pard’s work is characterized by simple geometric forms and bright colors. His tower sculptures are usually close to human-size, so they remain approachable despite their abstract nature. While it might look mechanized and artificial from a distance, up close Heartmouth reveals the human touches that mark it as a handmade object.

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The Veil Revery


Revery of Denver, CO

Aerosol and exterior paint. Price to purchase: $20,000

Location: South exterior wall of 103 Wahsatch Ave. (Downtown Fine Spirits & Wines)

Artist statement: With her murals, Marissa “Revery” Napoletano explores the intersection between realism and fantasy. Revery believes art ignites closeness and conversation amongst people. What ideas spark in your mind as you view this illustration? How would you share those ideas with another person?

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Body of Work The Dance Puskar Wiegman

Body of Work (The Dance)

Markus Puskar & Katie Wiegman of Denver, CO

Performance-based mural. Price to purchase: $3,500

Location: East exterior wall of The Majestic Building (17C E. Bijou St.)

Artist statement:  This mural was created using the shadows of a choreographed dance performed right in front of this wall. What you see is movement made solid. Katie and Markus create art that celebrates the beauty and joy of the everyday, drawing attention to movement as the driving, unifying natural force exerted on all living things. As you view the mural, pay attention to your impulses. What draws your eye? Which figures and gestures do you identify with? Body of Work invites you to celebrate your intuition as a hallmark of what it means to be human.

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Lasso Landing by Saito

Lasso Landing

Yoshitomo Saito of Denver, CO

Bronze. Price to purchase: $50,000

Location: NW corner of Tejon and Pikes Peak (in flowerbed) (30 Pikes Peak Ave.)

Artist statement: Yoshitomo Saito says this is one of the most important sculptures he’s done since moving to Colorado 15 years ago. It is a large freestanding bronze depicting two thick ropes whimsically tangled around each other. “I call it Lasso Landing,” Yoshi says. “Why not? I love the history of Colorado.” Picture this sculpture as having landed on the terrain of Western cowboy culture, creating a gently playful dancing abstracted form.

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Revivification Tabb


Zach Tabb of Grand Junction, CO

Cast iron. Price to purchase: $4,500

Location: SE corner of Tejon and Boulder (333 N. Tejon St.)

Artist statement: This cast iron recliner covered in fungus is meant to be an artifact of human existence. What would happen to all our possessions if there were no one around to keep nature from repossessing urbanized areas? What would be left to represent humankind? By taking something impermanent and making it permanent, I am exploring the interaction of human and nature and our ability to heal and regrow. This chair is meant to be interacted with – won’t you sit down?

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Thank you to our sponsors

Art on the Streets is a program of Downtown Ventures and is supported by founding sponsor U.S. Bank along with H. Chase Stone Trust, Norwood Development Group, Nunn Construction, Mountain Metropolitan Transit, Colorado Creative Industries, Phil Long EV Outlet and nearly 100 business and individual donors. Downtown Ventures is also grateful for in-kind support from TECC Painting, Rocky Top Resources, PikeRide and the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services department of the City of Colorado Springs.


Art on the Streets is supported entirely by grants, donations, sponsorships and contracts for service. Contributions to the program are tax deductible;  make a contribution today or contact us to learn more.

Submission Policy

Art on the Streets accepts proposals via from mid-November through mid-February.

Each year, 12 works are selected by an independent jury panel.  The primary criterion for selection is artistic merit. Secondary criteria include installation logistics, maintenance and safety concerns, and inclusion of a diverse range of media and perspectives. All works will be evaluated for stability by a structural engineer contracted by Downtown Ventures. While sculpture tends to dominate the entry pool, other types of art suitable for outdoor display are encouraged, including murals as well as interactive and multimedia works. Art on the Streets also has the ability to work with artists on larger and/or site-specific installations.

Encore Art on the Streets exhibit

The following works from the 2020-2021 exhibit have been purchased or are making an encore this year.

Acacia Abstract web

Acacia Park Abstract

Jolt of Denver, CO

Aerosol mural. Originally part of the 2020-2021 Art on the Streets exhibit. Price to purchase: $10,000.

Location: Northeast corner of Bijou St. and Nevada Ave.

The Crowd_web2

The Crowd 

Mono Sourcil of Montréal, Canada

Latex and aerosol mural. Originally part of the 2020-2021 Art on the Streets exhibit.

Location: 22 N. Sierra Madre St.

Lupita by sharoninavolvodrinkingcoffee


Elizabeth Selby of Colorado Springs, CO

Acrylic mural on vinyl. Encore from the 2020-2021 Art on the Streets exhibit. Price to purchase: $3,000.

Location: North exterior wall of 117 E. Boulder St.

Sol by Claire


Foster Romano of Colorado Springs, CO

Vinyl mural. Encore from the 2020-2021 Art on the Streets exhibit. Price to purchase: $4,000. 

Location: Alley behind the 500 block of S. Tejon St.

Take Back _website

Take Back the Power

Gregg Deal of Peyton, CO

Aerosol mural. Encore from the 2020-2021 Art on the Streets exhibit.

Location: Northeast corner of 3 N. Tejon St.

Art on the Streets photography by Mike Pach, 3 PEAKS PHOTOGRAPHY.