Intersection Signal Box Art

InterSection is a public art program featuring work by local artists at various intersections throughout the city center. 

Tejon & Boulder

Designed by Josh Schaulis

Sponsored by Vectra Bank

Tejon & Platte

Designed by Tammy Meeske

Sponsored by Old West Homebrew & Cigar

Nevada & Platte

Designed by Neil Fenton

Nevada & Bijou

Designed by Troy DeRose

Tejon & Kiowa

Designed by Liese Chavez

Sponsored by VECTRA BANK

Cascade & Pikes Peak

Featuring historical photographs from the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

Nevada & Pikes Peak

Designed by Kim Polomka

Tejon & Colorado

Designed by Kris Chavez

Nevada & Cucharras

Designed by Courtney Caldwell

Tejon & Vermijo

Designed by Jake Weien

Tejon & Bijou

Designed by Cathy Walters

Cascade & Kiowa

Designed by Abigail Kreuser

Nevada & Kiowa

Designed by Eric Fetsch

Sponsored by Collaborative Design Group

Tejon & Pikes Peak

Designed by K8E Orr

Sponsored by The Gazette

Cascade & Colorado

Designed by Morgan Bak

Sponsored by The Gazette

Nevada & Colorado

Designed by Deb Komitor

Cascade & Vermijo

Designed by Phil Lear

Nevada & Cucharras

Designed by Jana Bussanich

Sponsored by Blue Dot Place