Cacao Chemistry

Cacao Chemistry is proud to present the work of photographer Susannah Dowell on First Friday.


Susannah Dowell began her career as a press photographer at the White House with CBS during the end of GW Bush’s presidency and the beginning of Obama’s. She then traveled with the US Military throughout Africa as a documentary photographer with US Africa Command and NATO. She has always loved the medium of photography because she can quickly and effectively capture the beauty of her subject with the instant click of a camera shutter button. She says, “in a split second, I am able to freeze and share beauty, action, emotion, love, or serenity – or all of the above – and transmit that to people all over the globe.” Her ultimate goal in her work is to inspire her viewers to take action to protect our Earth’s fragile ecosystems.


Beginning at 5 p.m. and continuing throughout the evening, experience a guided flight of delicious handcrafted chocolates with master chocolatiers Travis Ashing and Sam Lang. Free to First Friday participants!


Cacao Chemistry turns fine French chocolate into exquisite confectionery products in this locally-owned business.

Pictured: Snowy Mountains by Susannah Dowell. Image courtesy of the artist.