Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College (FAC) presents work by Lupita Carrasco on view and available for sale through July 30, 2018, with a special First Friday Art Party from 5 – 7:30 p.m on July 6. Details here.


“This body of work is different than what I’m used to painting. It is an exploration of ethnicity and ancestry through the reproduction of textile patterns from many of the regions I have a DNA connection to. In working through this project I have learned so much about humanity. Such similarities across vast ranges of cultural development. The need to express ourselves, tell stories, show status. The division of tasks when it comes to creating cloth and how some task fall to men and some to women depending on what part of the world they are in. The way that geometric patterns repeat themselves across cultures and the fascinating display of what we love to look at, flora, fauna, abstract ideas represented by symbols. This work is personal, but I hope that the viewer will be able to find their own place in it and make a connection. I hope people will continue to explore the fascinating origins and evolution of human expression through textiles.”


Lupita Carrasco was born an artist. At the age of four she was already pouring out dreams and ideas onto paper. Drawing felt like the only thing she had control over. Lupita grew up an only child, raised by her mother who suffered from severe mental illness. Art in many forms was a much needed coping mechanism for her tumultuous upbringing. Lupita’s vibrant Mexican culture and traditional Roman Catholic upbringing lend their voice to her individual artistic language. Lupita’s paintings are as rich in emotion as they are in color and detail. Her creative process reflects a lifelong compulsion to investigate and merge the images and themes that surround her and live in her imagination.

Pictured: Cotton by Lupita Carrasco. Image courtesy of the artist.