Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College (FAC) is excited to announce Colorado Springs artist Andrea Schumacher will be the next featured Deco Lounge gallery artist.


Says Schumacher: “Fabric and home furnishings represent comfort and security of the ideal home. A blanket can be luxurious and comforting. A hand-made quilt represents history, connection, and love. Fabric is also the sports pennant, the politically incorrect t-shirt, the scorched work shirt, the physical embodiment of the domestic discord, and the traditional realm of women’s work. Each piece of fabric brings to mind narratives, associations, characters, eras.

My work combines abstraction, craft and narrative. The compositions are restrained and minimal. There is physical and conceptual tension in my work. I refer to restraint and a desire for release through the use of closures such as zippers, buttons, lacing, garters, and belts. The closures can link elements that are discordant; the winter of wool to the spring of a striped t-shirt, or the purity of good-girl gingham tied up with the bad girl glitz of lamé. Most recently I have been inspired by accessories such as handbags and have begun to create decorative text work using sequins, embroidery floss, and yarn. I am inspired by my own narrative, female identity, and the seductiveness and infused narrative of fabric.”


Celebrating its 100th anniversary, the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College grew out of and expanded on the mission of the esteemed Broadmoor Art Academy and has become one of the only multi-discipline arts institutions in the nation. Today it remains a rarity — a museum, theatre and art school, essentially an entire arts district, under one roof.

Pictured: Work by Andrea Schumacher. Image courtesy The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College.