Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College (FAC) is excited to announce Colorado Springs artist Angie Schwickerath will be the next featured Deco Lounge gallery artist.


Midwestern, girl-next-door/rebel-poet, painter Angie Schwickerath was born in 1962, and as a girl, lived in a small town in Iowa, where she felt her feet on the ground with her head in the clouds. Summertime, she saw a lot of America through the car window, traveling with her parents and siblings. Her family came to Colorado to live when she was 13. She studied painting and drawing at Colorado College in the early 90s. She has worked as a baker and pastry chef, raised two sons, was married and divorced. All the while, she has been drawing, painting, learning, practicing, picking up new skills from other artists, and traveling. She has a dog and a vintage Airstream trailer. Her artwork has been exhibited in Brooklyn, Denver, Manitou Springs, and Colorado Springs, where she has lived for the past 35 years. Her paintings can be found in private collections across the country.


Says Schwickerath, “we find comfort in the familiar, and surprise and delight in the new, and herein lies the fascination with landscape. It is both momentary and eternal. The sky, the ocean, the mountains… We recognize them, but they are never the same because it is a place in time as well as in physical space. Whether I’m at home in Colorado or I’m traveling, each place has something to tell. ‘Don’t I know you? I’ve missed you. Let me show you this!’ With these paintings, let me show you some of my places. Included in this gallery show are a few of my watercolor studies of the beautiful artworks in the FAC by other artists. While not technically landscapes, looking at them is like time-traveling in someone else’s shoes.”


Celebrating its 100th anniversary, the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College grew out of and expanded on the mission of the esteemed Broadmoor Art Academy and has become one of the only multi-discipline arts institutions in the nation. Today it remains a rarity — a museum, theatre and art school, essentially an entire arts district, under one roof.

Pictured: Work by Angie Schwickerath. Image courtesy The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College.