Jana L. Bussanich Artist Studio

The Alvarez Gallery and Art School, Laurel Justice Gallery and Jana L. Bussanich Artist Studios are pleased to present featured artists Rebecca Berg, Chris Alvarez and Front Range Body Artists on First Friday in June.


PARKS & REC is an abstract photography show that symbolize the amalgamation between childhood and parenthood. A small child will find delight in the tiniest detail at a playground, playing with the seat of a swing, climbing backwards up a slide or hiding in the top of a play structure. The parent uses the park to get a breather for a time so they can make it to bedtime without succumbing to exhaustion. Both child and parent are breaking down the whole into small parts. Each exists (and thrives) in the bigger picture because of an appreciation for the smaller parts.

A live body paint exhibition by Front Range Body Artists will accompany a body of figure drawings and paintings by Chris Alvarez.

Pictured: Promotional image courtesy Under the Bridge Collective.