McAllister House Museum

On First Friday, April 5, join museum executive director Eric Metzger for a special sneak peek at McAllister House: Museum Documents Revealed – The Pikes Peaker. 

The McAllister House Museum’s First Friday activities are appropriate for families and people of all ages, so please drop by the Carriage House (behind the main house) any time between 5pm and 8pm and have fun engaging with our heritage.


Come sneak a peek at an interesting archival document from the McAllister House Museum’s collection! Join us as we (literally) take a page from history and learn more about the fascinating culture of our city in the 1800’s. Executive Director Eric Metzger will open up the vaults to show you the Pikes Peaker, a periodical written by the 8 year old Harry McAllister that tells a story about life in Colorado Springs in 1880.

Pictured: The McAllister House circa 1874. Image courtesy the museum.