The Machine Shop

Presenting Regular Things Happen, featuring new work by local artist Marina Eckler on First Friday, Oct. 2, 6-9 p.m. We will be limiting entrance to small groups at a time; please plan on wearing a mask. Our garage door will be wide open for extra ventilation with some work on display outside. Work will be visible and available for purchase on our website store.


This exhibition features a selection of recent works that are both utilitarian and conversational. Less about art as singular objects, each piece in the show exists in close connection to the circumstances that form their setting. They include: text-based paintings on waxed canvas that double as natural fiber shower curtains; a collection of off-grid pinball machines; and a revival of Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine, designed in the 1950’s as a catalyst for drug-free hallucination. Each of these projects involve the use of old technologies to address some current dilemmas: how to kill time offline, how to avoid plastic, how to connect to the infinite, and how to connect to each other.


The Machine Shop is a collaborative workspace co-founded by four independent creative studios as a shared studio space, with room for a few like-minded creative folks to join along the way. Located in Downtown Colorado Springs, this former automotive garage is now home to artists, architects, developers, designers, writers and video wizards. The Machine Shop also hosts events, classes, art shows, and an artist-in-residence program.

Pictured: Mouth to Mouth by Marina Eckler. Image courtesy the Machine Shop.