Statement from Downtown Partnership - Downtown Partnership
Downtown Partnership Colorado Springs

A statement from Downtown Partnership:

The tragedies and tumult of these past days and weeks have left many of us reeling. We honor the memories of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so many African American men and women before them whose lives were violently and senselessly ended.

As our nation mourns, voices are rising up to proclaim ENOUGH to systemic racism – and these voices resonate throughout Downtown Colorado Springs.

Downtown is our city’s front porch: All year long we come here to be the best of what Colorado Springs embodies. Children splash in fountains, veterans march in parades, cowboys ride astride their horses, and every day we enjoy the arts, we worship in our historic churches, we explore locally owned shops and meet friends at independent restaurants and breweries.

Yet we also come Downtown for the hard stuff: gathering in public spaces to speak out in justified anger, to challenge, to demand a better way. There is a reason why Downtown is center stage in our city at difficult moments like this: We are the heart and soul of our community – where government, commerce and culture coalesce.

We thank the vast majority of protestors Downtown who have spoken from their hearts and demonstrated peacefully. We share your grief and vow to LISTEN with intentionality and humility to the lived experiences of those who have been marginalized for generations. Downtown Partnership always will strive to foster a city center that welcomes all voices, and to channel our efforts toward sustained progress for true justice and equity for all.

June 4, 2020